Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

We just keep dragging ourselves- everyday through everything as if we are not humans, rather a machine coded with a programme. Think about it, people are debating on the topic “Artificial Intelligence- boon or curse?” like we actually need to worry about it when mechanical intelligence is already paving its way through every crack available in emotional intelligence.

The kind of question we keep asking ourselves- Why am I doing this? Where will it take me? What’s the point? and other lots of why and what…

Any guesses on what it is? This feeling…or confusion… or anything seems familiar?

I believe most of you are. This is the loss of your motivation and drive when you lose your focus!

At times, we all lose our motivation and there will be times when things don’t go our way, even when we gave it everything we got…
But what I realized is, we never lose the motivation or drive, we simply forget to expose ourselves to what matters us the most – the outcome we actually want!

What we need is to be focused and keep our dreams, goals and aspirations at the forefront of our mind every single day. It is definitely not easy but keep your eye on the prize and know exactly what it would look and feels like to achieve your goals, it will drive you through…


The thing is we’re always in a rush, we want it all and want it now…. But we’ve got to learn the art of being patient to thrive and the only way to really do that is to be utterly focused on the purpose and let the power of discipline, dedication and consistency do its thing.

I wasted sometime not being consistent or dedicated enough to my goal, I may have been passionate and full of energy but I wasn’t going anywhere fast, because I lost my motivation, basically my inspiration and it was that very trait that stopped me from thriving and building my dreams…. I lost my focus, drive or emotion and it took me a while to get it back.

But now I know for sure, that patience and belief in yourself is the highest form of faith and if you employ patience, dedication and consistency to take care of the rest, you can build a life on a solid foundation that no one or nothing can ever break.


And then there is this thing with our past- to which we become slave. We’ve got to understand that we are under no boundation to keep us tied to it as if it’s a life sentence, we should use it to propel our journey, not to hold us back. It do not define us and should not be given that kind of power…

But yeah, the past will become our master if we don’t learn to master our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. Learn from the past (it’s really a good teacher as we created it) and learn to accept the mistakes, failures and the pain of regret but don’t live there. We create our destiny by moving on, there is nothing left behind except some memories, a few tall stories and what we once were.


More often than not, we keep whining that other people have it better and are luckier and that’s why they get ahead. You know what, it might very well be true but that’s got nothing to do with getting up and making the most of the day ahead and the opportunities right in front of us. Life isn’t always fair and it never will be.                      Yeah, so get over it and get on with it!

We’ve got to stop worrying about other people’s advantages and start focusing on your own life. You’ve got to create the best life you can with what you’ve got and it’s 100% your responsibility to make the most of your situation and your life.


The journey is long and the truth is, it can (and will be) quite lonely at times as we go alone in pursuit of our calling, passion and our dreams. The road to success and greatness is usually empty because most people simply aren’t brave enough to follow their heart and create their dreams in the real world.

But trust me, the results of this venture will surprise you. As hard as it may seem, we have to be prepared to do it by ourselves for us and don’t expect others to join. I promise you, that you will find those who care somewhere along the way, who will help you make it to your final destination. So be brave and keep walking and never ever look back!


The essence being……At some point, we just want to give up and leave everything just as it is, we become exhausted. But trust me when you will look back at this point of time from future, you are so going to be proud of your old self that despite every string which was pulling you down, you used it as a rope to climb up to your expectation. The fact that you didn’t gave up will be most shiny trophy in your collection which will remind you of worth and will be tonic of confidence in the illness of despair.

So yeah!! It’s worth it- each time you get hurt, each struggle you face, each time you pushed yourself, every pain you go through, every sacrifice you made, every failure which knocked you down, every person who mocked you; just everything, every freaking second of it will be worth it. It’s worth it when the pain becomes your best companion, struggles makes you learn, failures teaches you to pick yourself up and get back in the saddle, mockery turns into congratulations and the ones who never believed in you, come asking for help.

And there will come a moment when your lips will curve into a proud smile having all those memories in flashback with the feeling….                                                                    Yeah…. I did it and it was all worth it!!

20 thoughts on “Is it worth it?

  1. Amazingly written girl. I can co relate to each and every single word written here. 😀

    And love this line
    “The road to success and greatness is usually empty because most people simply aren’t brave enough to follow their heart and create their dreams in the real world.”

    Let’s see where these empty paths and sacrificing, all those we could have done but didn’t just to reach that one single destination of dreams, takes us.

    PS.. things we do just for that one ultimate satisfaction” yes,i did it and its was all worth it.” 💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your time…! Glad you could relate.

      And I know your road of sacrifice and struggle will definitely lead to your success…and in the end you will be able to feel that accomplishment and it’s worth.!!

      My best wishes to you….


    1. Yeah… It is indeed.. But every achievement is worth the struggle…!!

      Thanks fr ur time.. Hope to see you around…☺✌


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